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Folders by Personal Concepts (Learn, Live, Play, Work)

Here is presented a "Learn, Live, Play, Work" approach as a sample of classification of personal activity groups. This can be adapted to personal concepts always trying to put the files/folders in a natural form easy to remember.

Level 2 Folders


Files related to studies. This may change according to the profession and the interests of each person.

<Level 2: Learn Folders - Image>


Files related with daily activities, good sample can be Personal Financials, Bills, Bank statements.

<Level 2: Live Folders - Image>


Here is a good location for hobbies information. Photos and music are good samples of this. This segregation group is important because this information can be big in size may be required to have in extended storage locations.

<Level 2: Play Folders - Image>


Self-explanatory item, information regarding Resume or explicit company information.

<Level 2: Work Folders - Image>

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