How to organize My Files > 'My Files' folder should be default path

'My Files' folder should be default path

Having all files centralized, next step is configure your applications to save by default to expected or common target folders. For instance if you only use excel for your personal accounting, a good place to save by default excel files can be

..\My Files\Live\Finance\Personal Accounting\
<Application Default Path - Image>

Or if you have multiple target folders on your Finance Folder, you can create "_Pending To Archive" Folder to create by default before its proper classification.

Note the "_" as prefix, This can be used to see this folder at the top and remind that there are pending files to archive….

<Pending Archive Folder - Image>

Default target location can vary according every application, consult your application help to know how to configure this option. For Instance on Microsoft Excel, path by default can be configured on this screen

<Configure Default Path - Image>

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