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Is it Safe to use Password Managers?

Password managers provide useful features to protect and use sensitive information, but it is difficult to trust this important asset to a third party, and more receiving news about companies being hacked, exposing millions of records to non authorized persons and many other issues.

On this context the question that remains is:
How to use Password Managers without expose sensitive information to others?

The short answer is:
Encrypt (make unrecognizable) the information stored on your Password Manager.

If you want to explore the long answer check this article:
How to use Password Managers without putting your information at risk

the idea is to make the information unreadable for the password manager (and for any other) before saving it, and when recovered only you can read it because only you know how to make it readable again.

You can "make the information unreadable and readable again" with a tool that allow you to Encrypt/decrypt the information.

"({-_-}) Help you with technology" provide its own Encrypt/Decrypt tool using current industry standard algoritm AES, available on these links (left) or web site menu (right):

*Any similar Encrypt / Decrypt tool can be used but it is strongly recommended that is confirmed to use a strong encryption Algoritm.

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